Pupils have shared their delight after getting the required grades to go to university.

Teenagers across the borough have been celebrating after getting their A-level results this morning.

At Whitmore High School, in Porlock Avenue pupils gathered to open their result envelopes and share in each other’s success.

Harry Jon Turner, who received three A*s and will be off to Birmingham University, said: “I have really enjoyed my time at Whitmore and certainly won’t forget it.

“I’m now looking forward to going to university and further improving my skills in history, although I’m certainly going to miss my friends and family.”

Oliver Hurcum, who was former chairman of Harrow Youth Parliament, got an A* and three As successfully made the grade to study philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford University.

The 18-year-old said: “It’s been a great last couple of years and I’m so relieved that the work seems to have paid off."

Oliver added he hoped the best years are still to come but said a career in politics was “most definitely not the plan”.

Fellow pupil Elisha Simon, who will be on her way to Nottingham University to study philosophy said: “A-Levels at Whitmore have been a real journey for me and I’m thrilled with my results.

“The support and encouragement of my teachers have brought out the best in me.”

Jayan Gohil, who got an A*, an A and a B and will be going to Manchester University. He said: “I am delighted that my plans to become an optometrist have worked out.

“I was surprised but happy with my grades. Staff at Whitmore really pushed and supported me.

“I’m sad to be leaving my friends here but excited about new friends and experiences at Manchester.”

Headteacher Sue Hammond said: “I am delighted with these results which are a tribute to the hard work of students and staff here.

“These students have set the standard for future years with their results, wider contribution to the community and, importantly, their sense of fun.”