Vulnerable pupils taught outside mainstream education will have the chance to learn in “first class” facilities.

The current pupil referral unit, in Tudor Road, Wealdstone, will be moved to Bentley Day Centre in Uxbridge Road, Harrow.

Under the plans, the old buuilding for the unit be demolished, and the site will become part of Whitefriars Primary School, which will be expanded to meet a rising demand for school places.

Councillor Simon Brown, who is responsible for education at Harrow Borough Council, said: “It’s important to give these vulnerable and sensitive children a first-class education.

“We are committed to providing top education to all pupils, be they mainstream, or have special needs.”

The referral unit is for children who have been excluded from school and caters for around 30 pupils each day.

It will cost around £645,000 to renovate it in June and July.

Whitefriars will cater for an extra 210 primary pupils, and 750 extra school pupils plus 75 sixth formers.

The council hopes to create 700 new secondary places and 1,890 primary places as part of the expansion plan.

Cllr Brown added: “We are well on track to providing extra school places despite pressures. It’s a popular place.

“We’ve got an expandable population for the foreseeable future and determined to offer outstanding education for children who are yet to come.”