An MP says Harrow is not receiving its fair share of NHS funding - and has been left with a shortfall of more than £20 million over the next two years.

In a question to Parliament, Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas demanded an answer from the Department of Health over his concerns for Harrow health funding.

According to NHS figures, Harrow will have a shortfall of £23.4 million in each of the next two financial years.

The Labour MP said: “Harrow health services are under real strain, with mounting pressure on our hospitals and the wider NHS.

“I hope my drawing attention in Parliament to the particular funding problems facing Harrow will lead to constructive discussions between health ministers and Harrow’s local health officials and I look forward to the Minister’s promised response.

“Of course it didn't have to be like this. David Cameron and the Conservatives could have invested in patient care in areas like Harrow, unfortunately instead they wasted £3billion on an unnecessary reorganisation of the NHS against the advice of doctors and patient groups.”

Mr Thomas added the borough is already under pressure with A&E waiting lists increasing and both the North West London Hospital Trust and Harrow's Clinical Commissionin Group (CCG) projecting a financial deficit for this year.

Amol Kelshiker, chairman of Harrow CCG, said: “The funding gap creates significant challenges for us but we are committed to delivering the health services our residents deserve.

“Last week the eight CCGs in North West London agreed to create a new shared budget to fund projects for more community-based services, including ones in Harrow.”

A spokesperson for NHS England in London said In January, the NHS England Board agreed the allocations of CCG funding for the next two years.

They added all CCGs received an increase of 2.14 per cent on their 2013/14 funding, but Harrow received one of the biggest rises in the country, amounting to 4.2 per cent or just under £9.5million.