A suspected brothel has been shut down and hundreds of litres of illegal booze were seized in a day of action.

Police officers, in partnership with Harrow Borough Council and customs officers raided properties and inspected off licences in and around Belmont Circle.

Officers shut down a brothel in Kenton Lane where four women suspected of being prostitutes were found.

In visits to three shops, 338 litres of beer, 91 litres of wine, 33 litres spirits, 3.2kg of chewing tobacco and more than 1,000 cigarettes on which no duty had been paid were seized.

Cllr Susan Hall, leader of Harrow Council, said: “The Day of Action programme is continuing to do what our residents demand – and that is making Harrow cleaner and safer.

“Together with the police and fire brigade we are tackling everything from dumped rubbish to the vice trade.

“The action on beds in sheds is something that protects those who may be being exploited by landlords but also ensures property owners and tenants pay their fair share.”