Talented schoolchildren drew on themes of identity, travel and change in a display of their art at a museum.

Pupils at Nower High School in George V Drive, held an exhibition of their GCSE and A-level work at West House, in Pinner Memorial Park.

Themes included ‘portraits and identity’ for the A level students, and ‘journeys’ for those taking GCSE.

Courtney Duncan, 16, said: “I was inspired by animals in zoos and getting a chance to see them in captivity.

“It is really great to see my work and get inspiration from other people’s art work.”

Nower Hill art technician Kathy Mills organised the exhibition and praised the standard of work, which visitors also found exceptional.

She said: “We have fine art, graphics and photography represented here, and a mix of coursework and mock exam work. The students are now working on their sketchbooks for their final exams.

“They are really happy to have the exhibition here. It’s a nice opportunity to have their work in a gallery and have members of the public come and see it.”