A garden centre is offering to help customers find a greener way of choosing a Christmas tree.

Harrow Garden Centre in Headstone Lane is offering customers free tips on selecting, caring for and disposing of Christmas trees in an environmentally friendly way.

Manager Mark Townend claims tips will help keep the trees healthy and keep the carpet free of needles into January.

He said: “One of the benefits of having a real Christmas tree is that it can be better for the environment.

“Although they aren’t carbon neutral, Christmas trees help to reduce greenhouse gases by absorbing carbon dioxide while they are growing.

“They can also be recycled and turned into mulch, which can then be used on flower beds.

“We take great pride and care in sourcing the best quality cut and potted trees from sustainable nurseries. We stock a huge selection and offer expert advice to help people choose the right tree.”
Advice will be on offer until Christmas Eve, and will will include tips on how to look after tree so they last into the New Year.