A charity shop has offered a solution to an unused pound coins, which will no longer be accepted as payment from October 16.

St Luke’s Hospice, based in Harrow, explained how old money that is no longer legal tender, in addition to any foreign coins, can be popped in its collection tins and used to support the charity.

A spokesperson for St Luke’s said: “We are always grateful to the community of Harrow and Brent who continue to support the hospice and our shops across both boroughs.

“If anyone is left with any £1 coins after they cease to be legal tender on October 16, they can donate them to St Luke’s via our collection tins.”

It comes after a mix-up at one of their shops in Harrow Weald in which a member of the public tried to pay with an old pound coin.

David Daltrey was surprised to find that he couldn’t use his old, but still valid, cash and said that, when he tried to discuss it with staff they “didn’t want to know”.

St Luke’s apologised for the inconvenience and pledged to advise all its staff and volunteers on the status of old pound coins.

The new, thinner, lighter pound coin is said to be among the most secure in the world.

Its 12-sided shape means it is more difficult to counterfeit but there have been a few issues with reports of cracked and warped middle sections.