A primary school student has been learning about the struggles faced by young girls around the world as part of an international campaign.

Seven-year-old Ellie Kerai, from Harrow, was one of five girls selected to take part in a video shoot celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child.

The day, which falls on October 11 each year, aims to increase the opportunities for girls across the globe and raise awareness of the inequalities they face.

Ellie travelled to Tanzania, along with her mother, Rekha, to film this year’s campaign, which will be set to the tune of Freedom by Beyoncé.

The multiple-Grammy Award winner will also share the video with her 107 million Instagram followers.  

Rekha explained how she was proud to see her daughter involved in such a positive and important movement.

She said: “It was incredible for her to learn more about this issue and to hear about the injustices girls face around the world.

“For part of the video she had to be angry, and when she asked me why, I told her we should get angry that these things still happen.

“She might get more opportunities to act later in life but she is unlikely to have an experience quite like this.”

She added how it was great for her to meet some of the people behind the campaign, which is funded by the Gates foundation.

Ellie continues to study at Glebe Primary School in Harrow and takes part in a number of acting and singing activities in her spare time.

This includes weekend workshops at Stagecoach in Stanmore, who provided her with the chance to audition for the campaign video.