Plans to expand of a primary school and create a new secondary have been submitted to planners.

The application for the Whitefriars Community School in Wealdstone, has been submitted to Harrow Borough Council planning department.

The development, made by the council itself, will include the permanent expansion of the age range to include secondary school pupils.

Proposals would expand the school to an 'all-through' school for children aged four to 16.

In its planning statement, Whitefriars School said: “The proposals represent a significant investment in the education provision in Harrow and wider district, providing high quality education for four to 18 year olds across the area.

“The expansion and redevelopment of Whitefriars School is an excellent opportunity to enhance the site as a social and educational hub for the community.”

The new all-through school will mean the redevelopment of Harrow Teachers Centre, which is currently located next to the Whitefriars Avenue school in Tudor Road.

Plans include the building of a two and three storey building and redevelopment of the teaching centre on the site to provide more classrooms.

Under the plans, intake for the school would be phased in over time with the first Year 7 class starting at the new school in September 2015.

It would offer three forms of entry with 90 places in each primary year group and five forms of entry to secondary-aged children, with 150 places per year group.

The project for the school was given the go-ahead by Harrow Council’s cabinet in December last year. The planning application was drawn up following a consultation process with people in the area.