People are being warned of disruption to bin collections, schools and other council services during a public sector strike tomorrow.

Members of public sector unions Unison, GMB, Unite, the NUT and the FBU across the country will be striking over pay and conditions, and Harrow Borough Council says its services will be affected.

A total of 15 primary schools will be closed and a further 16 will be partially open for the day.

The council says the best source of information for parents is their child’s school website, which will have full details about how they will be affected.

There will be no bin collections tomorrow and the council says if people’s bins are due to be emptied on strike day then they will not be collected until the next scheduled collection day.

Finally, the council says other services will be affected by the industrial action and running a reduced schedule including commercial and residential street cleaning, public grounds maintenance and car parking and enforcement.

The council’s Labour administration has been attacked by the Conservative opposition group for supporting the strikes.

In a blog post, council leader Councillor David Perry said: “We recognise the unions' right to strike and over the next four years we will be working collaboratively with local trade unions to overcome the impossible situation the Tory government has put us in.”

Tory group leader Cllr Susan Hall said: “The only thing this strike will achieve is the disruption of services that Harrow residents expect and pay for, and interrupting things like bin collections even for a day can cause total chaos.

“As the administration, Cllr David Perry and his Labour colleagues should be taking the lead in condemning this strike action and demanding that it’s called off – not backing it.”

“Harrow Labour have to choose who they really serve – is it the unions who keep their bread so nicely buttered, or Harrow’s deserving residents?"

In response to the attack Cllr Perry stood by his comments saying the administration recognised the impact the strikes would have on residents and would work to resolve the issue locally and continue to work with unions.