A campaign has been launched calling for charges in a car park to be lowered to match similar areas in Harrow.

Headstone North councillor Janet Mote has started a petition calling on Harrow Borough Council to reduce fees at the Cambridge Road car park in North Harrow from 80p down to 20p for the first hour.

Last year charges were introduced at the car park as part of borough-wide changes to parking costs.

The first hour's parking in Cambridge Road had been free up but under the changes, North Harrow was designated a district centre, and parking now costs 80p.

Cllr Mote is calling on the council to change the status at Cambridge Car Park from district to local, reducing the cost from 80p to 20p for the first hour on week days.

She said: "What I want to see is North Harrow designated a local area instead of a district area, which will mean a lower parking charge for those who want to come to the area.

"We need the change to help shops and encourage more people to visit.

"A lot of businesses in the area have noticed a drop in footfall since the parking charges were introduced and some have reported they are opening for fewer hours in the day.

"People want to come to North Harrow but they were used to the free hour's parking and I think at 80p an hour, people have been put off coming.

"There has been a lot of great work done by the people of North Harrow to support the area but think the charges have dented that a bit."

The Harrow Times has contacted Harrow Council about the car park charges and is awaiting a reply.