Pupils from two schools wore red to raise money for a learning disability charity.

Heathland School, in Eastcote Lane has teamed up with Whitefriars School, in Whitefriars Avenue to collectively raise money for MENCAP Harrow.

Chosen by the primary school pupils themselves, all pupils left their school uniforms at home in favour of something red to symbolise the colours of the charity.

Pupils from each school also stood in an ‘M’ shape for the charity and are also hoping their after-school cake sale will help raise money.

Heathland deputy headteacher Steven Deanus told the Harrow Times that the decision had entirely rested with the pupils of the two schools.

He said: “The school has an ethos of pupils voice and pupils rights and this has been seen here as the children made the decision on which charity they wanted to raise money for as well as organising the theme of the day.

“This is the first time we have teamed up with other schoolsand we hope to continue this on next year.

“Pupils recognised that this is a very important charity and any money that can help improve the learning of adults and children with learning disabilities is worthwhile.”

The schools also collaborated with St John’s Fisher primary school, in Melrose Road, Pinner, who will be hosting its school disco in order to raise money for MENCAP.