A charity that supports Asian woman from across the capital has received a grant from a fast food restaurant franchise owner.

Atul Pathak, owner of 20 McDonald’s restaurants in north-west London, gave the grant to Sangam Association of Asian Women at the Houses of Parliament.

The Edgware-based charity, which runs an advice and counselling centre, was one of seven community groups given grants at the ceremony this week.

Mr Pathak said: “Each restaurant serves families from within their local communities.

“The local McDonald’s is a familiar sight to people growing up in their area and so I am keen that we involve ourselves in the community wherever possible, especially taking a lead in tackling issues that are common for both my business and the community as a whole.

“That’s why I wanted to offer extra help which many smaller groups find it hard to access, or even ask for as well as showcasing the excellent voluntary work that goes on around us without fuss and without fanfare.”