A parking campaigner says Harrow Borough Council should do the 'honest' thing and pay back fines incorrectly given out on a stretch of road.

Parking campaigner Derek Dishman, also known as Mr Mustard, managed to get a fine issued to friend overturned after she was ticketed in Burnt Oak Broadway between Columbia Avenue and Camrose Avenue.

He pointed out to the council the location did not have correct signs in accordance with the legislation, overturning the parking ticket.

Since then Mr Dishman, who lives in Barnet, obtained figures under a Freedom of Information request and found 19 others had been fined for parking in the same location and had paid up, even though they should not have been ticketed.

He says the council has received payments totalling £1,105 "from motorists to which the council was not entitled and which should be repaid".

Mr Dishman said: "The council should do the honest thing and pay the money back to these people who have paid the money.

"There is no way the 19 people who have paid will know they are entitled to a refund.

"They paid the money in good faith because they believed the council was correct. But they probably don't now know the council was actually in the wrong.

"I fully accept parking fines are needed when people have done wrong. But when they haven't done anything wrong then they shouldn't have to pay.

"The thing is, the council doesn't want to admit it has done something wrong and set a precedent."

Mr Mustard is an established parking campaigner in the borough of Barnet and has helped many people overturn unjustified fines.

A council spokeswoman said: "Drivers have the option of appealing against their parking ticket and the council looks at all the evidence available when making a decision."