All seats on Harrow Borough Council will be up for grabs later this month and the Harrow Times has spoken to the leaders of the main parties to find out what their groups have to offer the borough.

Conservative group leader Cllr Susan Hall, currently leader of the council, said: "Since coming to power seven months ago, cleaner, safer and fairer has been at the heart of everything Harrow's Conservative administration has done.

“We will continue to invest in keeping Harrow clean, tackling grime and in looking after our parks and open spaces.

“We will work with the police to make Harrow the safest borough in London, and to make sure residents feel safe in their homes.

“We will look after people who are most in need, support those who play by the rules and take firm action against those who don't.”

Leader of the Labour Group Cllr David Perry said: “During the past six months the Harrow Labour Party has been consulting with local residents to hear their views and ideas for the future of Harrow.

“Labour has listened and collated a comprehensive set of policies we feel will improve Harrow and cater to the aspirations of our community.

“Labour’s key pledges for the next four years range from investing £1million into tackle domestic violence and supporting carers to introducing on the spot fines for those who litter, as well as building more affordable homes.

“Labour understands the pressures on local families and will stand up for residents most in need in Harrow and will tackle the current cost of living crisis.”

Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar, leader of the Independent Labour group, said: “We are a party for the people by the people.

"We say that because the majority of our candidates are new to politics and not corrupted by the system.

“We bring a breath of fresh air with no baggage to carry with no political masters sitting in Westminster telling us what to do without understanding the needs of the local community.

“We think from the ordinary person’s point of view. Let the people’s revolution begin now.”

Paul Scott, former chairman of the Harrow Lib Dems, said: “Something we have always emphasised and tried to do is have councillors represent their local area.

“It is important people know what is going on in their part of the borough and that is what we will do.

“Over the last year there has been a lot of political mudslinging which has not helped with the running of the council.

“We will fight for issues important to local people such as free parking and preventing flytipping.”

UKIP Harrow chairman Jeremy Zeid said: “The council is there to serve residents, not the other way around. Clearing away unnecessary obstacles makes life easier for people and makes everyone feel better.

“We are here for everybody, equally and we will not bribe you with your own money.

“On May 22 you have the opportunity to make a real difference as to how the council has been run and how it relates to you.”