An MP has described Harrow Borough Council’s decision not to fight Barent FC’s Planning appeal as "disgraceful".

On Wednesday evening a special meeting of the council’s planning committee voted not to submit any evidence to the Planning Inspectorate in the appeal lodged by the football club.

The decision effectively gives Barnet planning permission for changes made to the west stand of the stadium and the height of the floodlights.

MP for Harrow East Bob Blackman said: “It is utterly disgraceful and shows nothing but contempt for everyone who has had their view blighted and whose homes are being lit up all hours by the ridiculous situation with the floodlights.

“Barnet FC have shown a staggering brass neck by refusing to correct these issues and for pursing legal action instead. It is beyond disappointing that these councillors are siding with them and trampling on local concerns.

“People living in Queensbury and Edgware will remember this betrayal and I doubt they will be voting Labour for the foreseeable future because of it.”