The leader of a charity says he is tired of political mudslinging and will run as a candidate in the upcoming local elections.

Terry Revill, who runs Flash Musicals, in Methuen Road, Edgware, is to stand as an Independent Labour candidate in elections for Harrow Borough Council in May.

His charity runs theatre groups and also martial arts classes, film nights, an after-school club and dance classes.

Mr Revill said: “I will not necessarily toe any party line if I think it is wrong unlike some Councillors from other parties. My first priority will always be the people of Edgware and Harrow.”

He added his experience with Harrow Labour made him realise “that ordinary people like me must make sure that their voice is heard by the political class and media”.

In September last year councillors raised concerns over the lease of an authority-owned property used by Flash Musicals.

He said: “A year which should have been one of our best due to being one of the Mayor’s chosen charities, has in fact turned out to be one of our worst.”

In January this year a deal was agreed between the council and the charity over the lease.