Children’s television legend Johnny Ball inspired school pupils with a lecture on science as part of a national campaign.

The TV presenter talked to pupils from Grange Primary school, in Welbeck Road, Harrow, today for National Science and Engineering Week.

Mr Ball gave a talk about the workings of the human body, chemistry, physics and how the world works.

The 75-year-old said: “All the children have been lovely and I hope they enjoyed it. I think children are getting more interested in science and I want to show how exciting it is.

“I talk about things which may be a few years ahead of them in the curriculum but it interests them now and when they get to secondary school the topic will be easier to understand.

“In all my time on TV and in schools I have never thought about the age group watching. My aim has always been to make it as simple and accessible as possible.”

Year 6 pupil Salahundin said: “For the whole week we have been doing different experiments. I really enjoyed the lecture and learnt a lot about chemistry and biology.

Classmate Umair said: “I’ve learnt that science isn’t just about formulas and there is a lot of practical stuff which is really fun.”

Georgia, also in Year 6, said: “I’ve always been interested in science and after this week and lecture I want to become a forensic scientist.”

The week of events was supported and funded with money raised by the school’s parent teachers association.

Teacher and science co-ordinator Ruma Ahmed said: “We’re very grateful to Johnny Ball for coming here. I think all the children really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.

“This whole week has been about inspiring the children about science and maths and Mr Ball makes it entertaining and accessible.”

Mr Ball was in Harrow after attempting to set the world record for the largest maths lesson at Leeds United's Elland Road stadium, with nearly 7,000 children from schools across Yorkshire.