A two-ring cooker top, a crutch and shoes were just some of the items found in a park pond while it was given a new lease of life.

Nearly ten tonnes of litter and debris was removed from the pond and duck island in Pinner Memorial Park.

Harrow Borough Council staff removed the huge amount of waste and litter by hand.

Councillor Chris Mote said: “A number of council workers have worked for days on end to remove tonnes of litter from the lake.

“I can only congratulate them on the excellent work they have done, which makes the park a nicer place to rest and play for the residents of Pinner and the general public at large.

“The lake has not been cleared properly for over ten years, due to cost, but the items found were beyond beggars belief, a two-ring cooker top, a crutch, shoes, clothes, handbags and car parts to name a few.”

Park keeper Tracy Herbert said: “The lake, duck island and the water fountain have had a great make over, hopefully visitors to the park will do their very best to keep it this way.”