Harrow is the fourth most popular UK destination for migrants to start a business, figures have revealed.

Business information service the Centre for Entrepreneurs and DueDil have revealed that 11,795 migrant-founded companies are registered in the borough.

The research also found that 17.2 per cent of migrants have launched their own businesses, compared to 10.4 per cent of those born here.

DueDil founder and CEO Damian Kimmelman said: “Immigration is one of Britain’s most emotive topics for debate. Sadly, opinions are rarely informed by evidence.  This game-changing research proves that migrant entrepreneurs are hyper-productive, net contributors to the UK economy.”

Centre for Entrepreneurs chairman Luke Johnson said: “The majority of the public appreciate the value of migrant entrepreneurs, yet our politicians and media send out negative signals that risk alienating this vital group of job creators. Given the huge contribution of migrant entrepreneurs, we are calling upon the media and politicians to join us in celebrating those who come to our country and launch businesses.”