One of the most often-ignored no entry signs in the borough was the focus of a special police operation.

Northwick Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team spent yesterday patrolling the busy junction near Northwick Park Hospital, in Watford Road, Harrow.

The junction is notorious for the number of drivers who turn right against the no right turn sign, and then entering the hospital through the no entry sign.

Officers stopped 24 drivers during the two-hour operation, all of whom were issued fines of £100 and given three points on their licence.

Acting sergeant Dan King  of Northwick Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team said: “This is now the sixth operation conducted by the team at this site and we still continue to see a large amount of motorists contravening these signs.

“This is a well signposted junction prohibiting entrance to the hospital at this location and is a particularly dangerous manoeuvre.

“The 'no entry' is in force for both north and southbound traffic, we will continue to carry out enforcement at this junction and drivers will be prosecuted if found to be contravening the prohibitions at this junction.”