Organisers of a brainstorming event say they want to hear from people with more ideas to bring the community together.

Members of Voluntary Action Harrow  invited people to share their ideas about how improve community spirit at the Better Harrow Brainstorm on Tuesday.

More than 15 people including representatives from Harrow charities and members of the public attended the event.

Speaking after the meeting organiser Alex Buckmire said: “It is Voluntary Action Harrow’s (VAH) goal to see a more unified Harrow and getting people together for this brainstorm was one way.

“Talking to people around the table I was amazed at just how many of them volunteered for not just one but three or four other community groups.

“I know from my experience in Harrow there is lots of great work being done by people in their spare time to help others and for a better community but often it is hidden.”

The group say they are interested in hearing from others in the community about their ideas to make Harrow better and it has announced it will be organising more brainstorming events.

Voluntary Action Harrow supports the charity and voluntary sector of the borough and says it will take those ideas and see how it can put them into action.