'I am petrified and it is ruining our lives'

8:50am Wednesday 6th February 2013

By Emma Innes

A mother-of-two is “living in fear” because her housing association home is infested with rats.

Jane Hussain, 44, and her children, Jamil, 14, and Yasmin, 22, are being terrorised by the rodents which have taken over their house in Hitchin Lane, Stanmore.

The problem has been ongoing for six weeks and in that time Ms Hussain has seen a rat jump out of her son’s school bag and one has run across her sleeping daughter’s face.

When the problem first arose, Yasmin was convinced that the house was haunted as she saw a tinsel wig, which was on her bedroom floor, moving and she heard creaking and scratching noises in the house.

The real source of the problem became apparent when she saw a large grey rat in the bathroom heading for a hole behind the toilet.

Ms Hussain said: “I have not had any sleep. I don’t know what to do any more. It is destroying me and it is shattering my nerves.

“We are living in fear of them now. I don’t eat or drink anything in the house because it makes me feel sick.

“I am petrified and it is ruining our lives.”

The problem has got so bad that Ms Hussain sold some of her belongings to pay for her family to stay in a hotel.

They went to the hotel on Thursday but yesterday the money ran out and they were forced to return home.

Despite the scale of the problem, they say the housing association, A2 Dominion, has failed to take any action.

Ms Hussain has paid for private contractors to come and address the problem but the family's attempts have been unsuccessful as the rats are running wild throughout the terraced street.

Ms Hussain said: “It is awful. I have begged for help from social services.

“It is putting our health at risk. It is absolutely awful.”

The problem has become so severe that the family has been forced to replace many of their clothes and possessions for fear that they were contaminated with the rodents’ urine.

The Harrow Times is awaiting a comment from A2 Dominion.


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