Concerns that someone could die at a car crash hotspot continues after a fourth reported car crashed in a residential road in recent months.

Dozens of people in Royston Park Road backed a petition calling for safety measures, with one claiming the local problem is partly down to races from the South Oxhey and the Watford area to Hatch End.

Last night (April 18) at around 8.19pm marked the fourth car to crash at Royston Park Road, with one eyewitness claiming the car was a “write off”.

Officers and the London Fire Brigade attended and found a car had left the road, striking a post box.

The latest crash destroyed a local post box (Photo: UGC)

The latest crash destroyed a local post box (Photo: UGC)

Metropolitan Police says the car and post box were damaged, but there were no injuries or arrests.

One eyewitness, Anthony Kenton, said: “What the past four recent ones also have in common is that they all involved the damage being across the pavement as well, and so far, it has only been luck, that neither the drivers nor pedestrians have been killed.

“Everyday cars can be seen travelling up the road exceeding the speed limit, often seen doing well over 50 mph.”

He questioned how long Harrow Council would continue to take before implementing appropriate speeding restrictions.

A previous incident at the road

A previous incident at the road

A person who lives in the road, Sara Rigby, recalled one collision in January when a car “went out of control” and drove through a neighbour’s wall.

On February 21, an alleged “chase” led to a car swerving off the road and hitting a parked car and damaging a tree.

A previous incident at the road

A previous incident at the road

Metropolitan Police were contacted about the recent crash.

In recent months, there were three other serious crashes in Royston Park Road.

And then on March 25, a car and a van crashed into each other, which led to one of the vehicles crashing into a parked car.

A spokesperson has however said there was no indication of a race taking place before the accident.

Outside of these four recorded crashes, the area itself has been known for regular incidents in the past.

Ms Rigby previously said: “It is only a question of time that a death will occur.”

A previous incident at the road

A previous incident at the road

The reoccurring issue has caused up such a stir in the road that a petition received 132 signatures in March from 65 out of 72 houses on the road.

At a meeting of the Traffic and Road Safety advisory panel, it was agreed that funds will be put forward to introduce a speed reduction scheme at Royston Park Road.

A spokesperson from Harrow Council said: “We are aware of the residents’ concerns about speeding in the area.

“At a recent meeting of the Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel, the Panel agreed to allocate funds from the Transport for London Local Transport fund to develop a speed reduction scheme in Royston Park Road. It has therefore been added to our transport programme for 2021/22.”