Research suggests that coronavirus is continuing to spread at a low enough rate, despite a slight increase of the rate of infection.

Yesterday, it was reported that Watford had the most newly recorded cases of Covid-19 in Hertfordshire this week, despite the rise being minimal.

Now Public Health England (PHE) data estimates that while the R rate – average number of people that will contract coronavirus from an infected person – has increased, the R Rate across England is mainly below one.

If the R number is one or higher, the virus will spread faster through the population, and any number below one indicated the virus is in decline.

It is important to note that the R Rate was expected to increase as lockdown measures eased over the past few weeks – and it is still good that the R rate is below one.

What is our R Rate?

In the east of England, where Hertfordshire is, the R rate is around 0.94 as of June 3.

In comparison the north west of England is estimated around 1.01, and the south west of England is estimated around 1.

At one point, it is believed that the R rate a few weeks ago around Hertfordshire was 0.7.

There is a time lag in the calculations, with the latest R value relating to what was happening two to three weeks ago.

With lockdown measures loosening up and groups flouting social distancing restrictions, this may later change.

Harrow Times:

The blue lines represent when intervention was made (lockdown on 23 Mar and the relaxation of measures on 11 May) - and the red line shows when the data was collected

Dr Yvonne Doyle, PHE medical director, said: “Our estimates show that the regional R numbers have increased although they remain below one for most of England – this is to be expected as we gradually move out of lockdown.

“It is vital that everyone continues with social distancing, practising good hand hygiene and must remain at home and order a test if they have symptoms.”

This data is from PHE in conjunction with Cambridge University’s MRC Biostatistcs Unit.

How many new cases in our areas today?

In Hertfordshire, there are now 2,917 confirmed cases of Covid-19 according to the Department of Health and Social Care.

This is twelve more than there were just yesterday.

Hertsmere had most newly recorded cases within the day period, as there are now 394 cases – a rise of three.

• Watford has 407 cases – a rise of one

• Dacorum has 264 cases – a rise of three

• Dacorum has 259 – no increase

This means there were five other cases in other Hertfordshire areas.

While Watford still had the most newly recorded cases in Hertfordshire this week, the amount of cases is significantly less when considering the amount recorded around other areas.

In comparison, Birmingham has the highest total cases in a lower-tier local authority, with 3,257 cases – a rise in six cases since yesterday.

The authority with most confirmed cases near Hertfordshire is Brent in north west London, with 1,480 confirmed cases – a rise in three cases since yesterday.

How many coronavirus deaths today?

In the NHS England update today, there were a further 123 coronavirus deaths recorded, bringing the total number of confirmed reported deaths in hospitals in England to 27,282.

None of which were from the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust with the current death toll at the trust remaining at 351, a rise of two recorded cases since the last update on Monday.

The last recorded Covid-19 death at the trust was on Monday (June 1). But some deaths between May 31 and June 4 might appear later in future updates as the data is likely to change.

In England, the deaths recorded today involved patients between 38 and 105 years old.

NHS England say that one patient, aged 86, had no known underlying health conditions.