The National League season could be declared null and void before the end of this week, with clubs meeting on Wednesday to discuss funding issues.

The problems stem from talks held between the league and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) with clubs expecting a second wave of grants to be handed out by the government, with non-league sides struggling without supporters in grounds.

However, it is now expected that the best non-league clubs can hope to obtain is a loan rather than a grant, leaving some in difficult positions.

This is not the first problem the league has encountered with funding from the government, with a number of clubs from across the National League’s divisions writing to the DCMS to protest against what they considered to be the unfair allocation of £10million worth of funding handed out as grants last year.

The National League created a method that saw Step One clubs (National League) receive £95,000 or £84,000 while Step Two clubs (National League North and South) were handed £36,000 or £30,000.

Those clubs included some considered to be better supported, who were unhappy that the money was not being handed out proportionally to their gate receipts and argued that they would still be missing out on vast sums of money.

The National League’s board met on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the issues and, at the time of going to print, the league’s member clubs were meeting to discuss the next step forward.

A vote on cancelling the season could be called in the coming days.