Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster could be forced to remove videos from Youtube due to EFL broadcast regulations.

The veteran shot stopper has been giving football fans an insight into his matchday routines with videos he has been uploading to his own channel, The Cycling GK, on the video streaming site.

Included in those videos is footage from matches, with Foster's camera placed in the back of his net, recording the whole game from start to finish.

However, according to a report in the Mail Online, the former England international could be in violation of section seven of the EFL's governance policy, which bans use of match footage without written permission.

Teams are permitted to use footage from games via their official channels, but players are not permitted to do the same.

Foster hopes that, given supporters are not currently allowed in stadiums due to the coronavirus pandemic, the EFL will show some leniency and allow him to continue, so he can provide fans with a new interactive experience.

"Fans are using this as their matchday because they cannot be in the heart of it and this is as close as they have been before," he told the Mail Online.

Harrow Times:

"We will have to get in touch with the EFL. I hope they don't try to shut it down. I don't see why they would want to. It is a good news story.

"If it was controversial content that would show football in a bad light you would need to be concerned but there is nothing like that. It highlights the game in a very good light."