Ben Wilmot hopes his Watford teammates can quickly learn to adapt to life in the Championship after a testing battle with Middlesbrough on Friday night.

While the Hornets came out on top of that game, Wilmot thinks some of the team who are not used to the division may take a bit more time to become accustomed to its physicality.

"It was difficult, but I think we needed it as a team," he said. "There's a few lads who aren't aware of what the Championship's like, so it was a good test, but I think the way we played in the end was enough for what we got. I think we warranted the win in the end and everyone's happy and pleased with that.

"Everything was about just the three points tonight; I think the performances will come. At the time we still need more time to gel as a team and I think there'll still be people leaving, people coming in, but we're used to it, it happens every window so this one's no different in that sense.

"Now we've had three weeks like everybody else really to knuckle down and get things sorted and the manager's put his points across well and I think everyone's taken them on board. The last two games especially, I think it's coming together quite nicely and I think it looks positive for the season for us."

Wilmot spent last season out on loan with Swansea City and got used to the unique brand of football played in England's second tier.

He felt the Middlesbrough match was a good test for him and for his teammates.

"It's a very direct and aggressive league. Games come thick and fast and teams are renowned to be very strong, physical and play direct football. I experienced a lot of that on loan last season, so I've played a number of these teams and know what's going to come.

"Personally, I'm ready and aware of how this league works, but a few lads will take a few weeks to get used to it. Tonight was a good test for those lads not accustomed to this league. We've not got long to get used to it anyway."

Wilmot hopes that his league debut was a sign of things to come as he looks to make himself an important member of Vladimir Ivic's squad this season.

He hopes his effort and performances can remain good enough to keep him in the team for the whole campaign.

"For me, I want [to play] 46 out of 46 games," he said. "One from one is good so far, but I was just working hard to get myself fit and ready for this game. I was happy that I managed to get a full 90 minutes last week.

"I think that put me in good stead for this week and then having done okay today, hopefully I'll get a decent run and then it's down to me then to perform and keep my place. That's all I can do is make sure I perform and give the manager a tough time of taking me out."