Watford head coach Vladimir Ivic has spoken about his attacking philosophy as he prepares to try and take Watford back to the Premier League at the first attempt.

The Hornets were relegated from the top flight at the end of last season and have spent the last few weeks building a side that they hope will be good enough to guide them back up from the Championship.

In his first press conference after being named head coach, Ivic said there would be movement between now and the end of the transfer window, as he looks for the best set of players to adapt to his style.

"My football philosophy is to play attacking football, to build the game from the back," he said. "When we start to do the attack, we start from the keeper, we start from the defence. All of them and all of us need to work hard and this is what I try to do. We work a lot, we speak a lot over the last few days and we prepare ourself for this kind of game.

"We know this transfer window will be open until the fifth of October, we have around one month. There'll be some movement, some players will go, some players will come, but this is totally normal and I believe that other clubs it will be the same, We prepare ourselves normally, think about the position we need, we speak every day about that, Now we have 18 players who are available to play and we'll work with them."

After a month of preparation, Ivic feels ready to lead his team into their first competitive fixture following wins over Scunthorpe and Tottenham in pre-season.

Currently, the head coach believes things are going in the right direction.

"We had around a month to prepare our team for the start of the Championship, the first game starts on Friday, we have worked hard in the previous weeks and the last days," he said. "Normally in the last few days, we prepare our team for the game, against Middlesbrough. Until now everything's going in the way we want, we just have to practice more to complete all the preparation for the start.

"I'm very happy here in the first month. You need to adapt, to acknowledge all the things that are important for the manager here. Normally I believe that we are in a good way now to start the season, we have prepared our team, we have prepared everything that we need to do in this last month."