Wealdstone striker Ross Lafayette feels the club is ready to make the step up to the National League from the National League South.

The Stones currently lead the way in the table at the point where the season has been suspended, three points clear of Havant & Waterlooville having played one fewer game.

With a strong squad and good facilities at their disposal, Lafayette feels that despite the increase in quality, they would be able to hold their own.

He said: “Player wise, the reality is we’ve got a strong group of boys together and we’ve got a good management team behind us. It is a step up in quality. Every week is going to be like playing the likes of Havant, minimum.

“We know that we’ve got to improve but we’ve actually fared quite well against the bigger teams in this league and held our own. We’ve definitely got the infrastructure there so hopefully we can get up this season depending on what the situation may be.

“Hopefully we can get promoted normally but if not however it pans out, that’s our goal.”

At 34-years-old, Lafayette is one of the older members of the squad, but he feels he will still having something to give next season if promotion is achieved.

He said: “I’m one of the older boys now so I’ve got to see how my body recovers over the summer. I don’t see why not.

“I’ve proven it in that league before, I’ve scored a lot of goals in that league. I may not play as much as potentially I might like next year if we were to step up but we’ll come to that hurdle if and when it hopefully happens.”

Lafayette leads the club’s scoring charts this season in what is his second spell at the club, having had a brief stint as a youngster back in 2009.

He feels that the club has come on massively since then not just in terms of league position but also in infrastructure, while also maintaining its loyal fanbase.

He said: “It’s been leaps and bounds really. It’s been a big jump. When I first joined, I was in a different place as well. I was a young 21-year-old just coming back from a big knee injury. The support has always been there, I think the infrastructure has improved since I was last here.

“No matter where we’ve been, like away at Weymouth, there’s been coach-fulls coming to support us. As cliché as it is they truly do spur us on. They’re the ones that ultimately drive us when we’re having a tricky period in the game.

“They’ve supported us in their numbers and it’s been great for the club and hopefully it can keep going.”