Watford players are working on individual training programmes at home while they wait for an update about the future of the Premier League after it was suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In an update released on the club website, fitness coach Victor Cervera explained how the players were keeping fit, while at home, with full training currently scheduled to resume on Friday.

That could be pushed further back after tomorrow, when the outcome of a Premier League meeting could determine how the current season will be concluded, if at all.

In the mean time, the players are working to maintain their fitness in preparation for the resumption of the league, which is currently pencilled in for the weekend of April 3.

“We have sent them a very basic programme which touches every single part of conditioning: strength, mobility and cardiovascular sessions,” said Cervera.

“We are just giving them a little stimulus they can do without equipment, knowing some of them can implement other routines if they have access to better facilities. Some also have personal trainers, but we are just getting them to do a programme that maintains the fitness by getting them to move a little bit every day.

“They probably don't need so much stimulus in one week as they are top athletes with very good fitness levels. We are not trying to build anything special. We are just trying to maintain condition. It's different to the off-season in term of volumes and intensity. In pre-season we are looking to build more volume, build the load step by step. Now it's a bit different as we just need to provide a little stimulus to every part of the fitness for a week. It's a basic, temporary programme for one week to keep them moving until we hear more from the Premier League. The aim is not to lose too much fitness.”

The players and the fitness staff remain in close contact with one another, but Cervera admits the situation has been difficult to monitor, with the future of the league hanging in the balance.

While everyone's preference is for the season to be concluded, the spread of Covid-19 could force the league to be declared null and void.

“We are in touch all the time, with the medical staff, with the coach and with the players,” he said.

“It's a difficult week as we don't know how to proceed with the situation. We have just made sure we have these basic programmes and then we are waiting for the meeting of the Premier League and knowing exactly what will be happening over the next few days and weeks. If the situation changes, we will approach things in a different way. Now we are looking at creating personalised programmes in case the time off is prolonged, planning for next season and how we can improve things.”