Watford-bound striker Joao Pedro has impressed with Fluminense once again, this time with a spectacular overhead kick equaliser.

The 17-year-old's side were trailing 2-1 and heading out of the Copa do Brasil until the striker's moment of magic in the 97th minute.

A hopeful delivery floated into the area and Joao Pedro tracked the flight of the ball perfectly before firing in the leveller with an acrobatic leap.


The Brazilian, who cost Watford an estimated £2million, has now scored eight goals in his last seven games with Fluminense.

The Hornets have a deal in place to bring the youngster to the club in January 2020, once he has turned 18.

In a recent interview with Fox Sports Brasil, Joao Pedro said he is already planning for life in England after a tough time growing up in Brazil.

"It's quite difficult for me to balance English classes and the championships, but every time I have a free time, I try to study, so in the future I can speak English," he said.

"I'm very happy all these things are happening to me.

"It has been bringing a lot of happiness to me, my family and friends that have been helping me since I'm a kid, when I was in Ribeirao Preto (his hometown).

"It's a very good experience, everything has been happening very fast, and in the academy I've always been giving my best, always trying to score, and I think with the coach's help from the youth teams of insisting in this thought of always trying to score, this has been my focus, and thank God it's happening.

"There was a time in the academy, when me and my mum had been going through difficult times. We didn't have money at the time, I had one pair of trousers, one pair of trainers to go to training and to school, or to go out.

"My mum could only afford to eat one egg every day and would leave the only piece of meat for me, and I was asking myself about what I was doing with my life, far from my family, my friends. "But she would be there, supporting me, saying everything would be fine, that the important thing is that I had what I needed to eat, and I should make this time worth it on the pitch.

"All the time I get on the pitch, or I score a goal, I kiss my tattoos (one for his mother, the other for his aunt) - I didn't give up because of them."