Javi Gracia wants his team to show their quality on the pitch in their FA Cup third round tie against Woking. 

The Hornets' head coach said he has prepared for this game the same way he would any other and that, despite his opponents playing in the sixth tier of English football, he knows it will not be an easy match.

He said: "I respect a lot always all the teams we play against and in this case it’s no different. We try to prepare as we usually do, we don’t change anything.

"The difference you have to demonstrate on the pitch, not speaking before the game. It's not the same conditions like we are used to playing but we have to adapt knowing it's just a pitch and it's just a game and you have to play and do your best."

Gracia also responded to comments made by Woking manager, Alan Dowson, who said he believes the game could end up with a 'cricket score' and that he is 'crap', 'useless' and 'absolutely minging' when it comes to cup competitions. 

The Watford boss does not think that these comments will add any pressure to his side during the match.

He said: "I don't want to say anything about their words, I don't know why they say what they are saying, but I respect them a lot and the team, the club, the coaches, we all respect them a lot.

"I don't feel any special pressure because the rest of the people feel we play in the Premier League and they are in level six that we have to score a lot of goals.

"My target is to keep playing to our level and to continue playing in the FA Cup. The most important thing is that our fans enjoy the game and the result and the way we achieve the results and that our fans are proud of the way we play."

With the Hornets sitting in a relatively safe position in the league, the FA Cup could present the best chance for them to achieve some glory this season, but Gracia is refusing to look too far ahead in the competition.

He added: "In this moment we are focused on winning the first game. It depends on so many circumstances. I don't like to say how far we can go, but I prefer to be realistic and to try to compete in the next game.

"We will see at the end of the road if we are able to play a final and enjoy winning a cup."