It’s time to pull together to protect our culture, our heritage and our children's futures from Harrow’s politicians.

Enough of these splinter groups protesting to keep their local library.

We are all under threat from these irresponsible councillors who waste money on surveys and then ignore the results.

It’s time Harrow’s citizens woke up, stood up and banded together to fight against what will otherwise be a bleak future.

Harrow Borough Council has failed us time and time again and this is what we get for public apathy.

There’s not much community spirit in Harrow.

Some of the little there is can be found at local libraries. Soon half of them will be closed.

If Harrow is not to become totally soulless, completely dismal, and entirely free of inspiration, we must not allow this happen.

Talk with your neighbours. Gather signatures. Link up. Write to your MP.

Book a “meet the leader” appointment (020 8863 5611) and tell him this will not be forgotten. Do anything you can think of to set a fire under this council before it sends our libraries up in smoke.

Mike Robinson
via email