On Tuesday, March 17, I attended Pinner Free Baptist Church in Paines Lane, Pinner. I was asked by the Baptist ministers of Brent and Harrow to speak to them.

It is important for the police to be able to reach out to all the communities of London, ensuring we work together to fight crime.

By attending events such as this allows me to engage with so many people, from all areas of London. I would like to thank the ministers for their kind invitation.

On Friday, March 20, Operation Secure Streets targeted Mollison Way, Edgware. This follows on from last month’s successful partnership day in Grange Farm Close.

A warrant was executed on a shop in North Parade, resulting in three arrests for handling stolen goods and the seizure of illegal tobacco.

Harrow Council cleaned the streets and a number of fire safety visits were conducted by London Fire Brigade.

Immigration and council housing teams also conducted enforcement work. Days like this help us remain the safest borough in London.

Preventing your bike being stolen

Bicycles can be some of the easiest vehicles for thieves and vandals to target. You can protect yours by following some simple steps:

  • Always lock your bicycle even if you are just leaving it for a few minutes.
  • Buy a good quality D-lock or combination lock.
  • Lock your bike to something secure and immovable, such as a bicycle rack or a lamppost.
  • When leaving your bicycle unattended, lock both wheels and remove detachable items like lights
  • Consider getting your bike frame security marked.
  • Keep your bicycle out of view in a secure garage or shed and keep the door locked.
  • Avoid isolated places – leave and lock up your bicycle where a potential thief can be seen.

Good work by my officers

On Friday, March 20, officers from Headstone Safer Neighbourhoods Team conducted a traffic operation on their ward. In total, 16 drivers were prosecuted for driving offences. Any person found to be committing traffic offences in Harrow will be dealt with robustly.

On Wednesday, March 18, Harrow Crime Squad arrested two men for possession of cannabis with intent to supply. Following a vehicle pursuit both were detained in Headstone Drive Harrow. Both will now face justice.

Call 101 to report a crime, get advice or raise local issues. In an emergency always call 999.

Visit our website www.met.police.uk/crimeprevention

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