A HARROW councillor has resigned from the Conservative Party following a falling-out with its leader in the second setback for the group.

Councillor Stanley Sheinwald will continue to represent his Hatch End ward, but has cut ties with the Tory group, in opposition on Harrow Council, after losing responsibility for scrutinising the council.

Cllr Sheinwald was axed as chairman of the overview and scrutiny committee following a performance review, despite winning awards for his work.

Leader Councillor Susan Hall said: “Cllr Sheinwald was very unhappy with the mini-reshuffle of committee positions and responsibilities, following our group’s annual review of each councillor’s performance.

“Cllr Sheinwald’s unsatisfactory performance over the past year, has resulted in him losing his lead role on scrutiny and that means also losing the special allowance of £3,060 that goes with it.”

Cllr Sheinwald, who remains a member of the Conservatives nationally, chaired the committee until the party lost the Harrow Council elections last year and had expected to be made vice-chairman in opposition.

However, he immediately lost that role to Councillor Paul Osborn and was ditched as scrutiny lead at a recent meeting.

Cllr Sheinwald said: “I chaired overview and scrutiny and I won an award while doing it for our review of the voluntary sector.

“I was also shortlisted across the whole of the country for scrutiny of the year and you don't treat people like that.

“When you have a good councillor you should look after them and she just doesn't know how to look after people.

“I thought I just had to make a stand once and for all.”

He added: "I want everyone to understand I'm not in it for an ego trip or to be promoted to a GLA member or an MP.

"I'm just in it to represent the people of Harrow and the most vulnerable people in society, which is the elderly and disabled."

However, Cllr Hall insisted it was the department rather than Cllr Sheinwald himself who had won the award.

She claimed: “He hasn't come to terms with the fact that we lost the election and therfore there was a reshuffle.

“When you lose an election and we aren't in charge any more, you don't have lots of positions to give out to people so you have to use your best members.

“He was given a key position and then consequently did no work at all. It's taxpayers' money that has to be spent here.”

Cllr Sheinwald's resignation follows the decision by Councillor Mark Versallion, who represents Stanmore Park, to successfully stand for a different ward in Bedfordshire at the local elections on Friday.

Cllr Versallion said he would resign if asked to do so by the local party association.