A FAR right group that backed last year's Harrow mosque protests looks set to demonstrate in the borough over Halal school menus.

The English Defence League (EDL) has fought repeated street battles with Unite Against Fascism (UAF) in cities like Birmingham, Bradford and Bolton, and the two groups look set to meet in Harrow in January.

The organisation, which says it wants a peaceful protest, is demonstrating against Halal only meat menus in the borough's schools, an issue that has already proved divisive among residents locally.

A statement on a Facebook event created by the group reads: “The English Defence League is against the inhumane slaughter of animals to produce Halal meat.

“The English Defence League is also against the rituals of Islam being forced upon our next generation without choice.”

UAF already look likely to hold a counter-demonstration and the Brent and Harrow branch has emailed supporters warning them of the date.

The email states: “If they decide to go ahead with this lunatic scheme, we will mobilise against them.

“They must not be able to invade our borough unopposed. We defend our children's right to be served food in school that meets their dietary needs whether these needs are medical or religious.

“Parents should be confident that their children will be served healthy food that meets their needs and beliefs.”

EDL supported two protests organised by another group, SIOE, against Harrow Central Mosque last year – one on September 11, the anniversary of the terror attacks in America, and one on December 13.

On both occasions anti-mosque protesters were dwarfed by their anti-fascist rivals and mocked with chants of “there are many, many more of us than you”.

But the threat to protest outside Harrow Civic Centre, in Station Road, on Saturday, January 15, between 2pm and 4pm, is likely to bring a return of fears for the unity of one of the country's most religiously and culturally diverse areas.

Harrow Council says it has no say over what menus are offered in school canteens and has written to all headteachers in the borough asking them to take into account the needs of all faith groups.

But the authority's headquarters has been chosen as the target of the EDL protest anyway, and the location has added significance since it is opposite Harrow Central Mosque.

At the time of publication, 154 people had accepted invitations to the EDL Facebook event.