A FORMER British wrestling champion from Wembley is making a comeback to the ring at the age of 50.

Steve Lee Curtis is launching his return to fighting next month, and hopes the move will help propel the sport back to top billing in this country.

Mr Curtis, of Abbott's Drive, North Wembley, is a contemporary of wrestling greats like Mick McManus, Big Daddy, and Giant Haystacks, and believes the entertainment sport does not get the credit it deserves these days.

He said: “I feel really sorry for the wrestlers of today, they are still touring town halls and different venues, but they don't really get the coverage we used to get.

“Lots of fans still ask why wrestling came off the TV, and I tell them I'm hoping to do a huge campaign to see if we can get it on the box again.

“I think the sport could come back strong, it's still got a lot of entertainment to offer.”

Mr Curtis retired from the wrestling circuit in 2000, and has spent the last few years penning his autobiography about his time touring venues like Brent Town Hall performing for large crowds.

He said despite his age he feels now is exactly the right time for a comeback.

He said: “I'm 50 now, but my health isn't too bad and I thought I might as well get back into it before it's too late.

“I started out when I was 15, and we toured all round the country. The fans were brilliant and I want to do it for them.”

Aside from wrestling, Mr Curtis has dreams of showbusiness, hoping to follow wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Pat Roach into the world of television and films.

He has also developed an X-Factor-style show for wrestling, and is hoping to pitch that to TV executives in the future.

As for now, he is lining up his return fight and preparing for a wrestler's reunion in August where he will share his comeback plans.