I hosted a World Cup party on Friday night to herald in a glorious England win. Obviously things didn't quite go to plan.

Firstly, it rained quite a lot so the BBQ plans had to be shelved in favour of indoor cooking.

Then the match happened, and you don't need me to go all the way through that to say what went wrong.

Suffice to say, Emile Heskey should just go home, he is no use to anyone, Aaron Lennon needs to do a lot better, and Wayne Rooney needs to grow up and start playing well.

And at the risk of infuriating women across the country, therev were some girls at the party who were spoiling things a little.

Don't get me wrong, lots of women are right into football and are good to have at a game.

These were not. When you're team is not doing well, a shout of 'do better' doesn't go down too well among the frustrated crowd.

Ah well, roll on Wednesday, when things will be lots better.