I think I speak for most football fans when I say WE NEED MORE GOALS.

Watching this World Cup is starting to make me appreciate Alan Hansen's job when analysing West Brom versus Wolves.

There is only so long Ican appreciate the good passing and confident defending.

When you find yourself leaning over to your mate and commenting that the left back for Slovenia had a very solid game, you know things have gone too far.

We want goals galore, spectacular misses, dramatic freekick goals, and freak incidents.

We need action to have something more to talk about that the blessed vuvuzuelos.

I even welcome some goalkeeping howlers, so long as they are not from England's end!

Quick note also for Jurgen Klinsmann on the Beeb - a grey t-shirt under your vest is not a good look, if you are reading this, I'd get a vest.