Problem tenants are being targeted on an estate where a girl was accidentally stabbed with a hypodermic syringe.

Residents of Mill Farm Estate in Pinner handed in a petition to Harrow Council complaining about conditions on the graffiti-daubed area where the accident happened in May. Another 15 needles were found on privately-owned land near Mill Farm Close, prompting fears that the estate had become a ghetto for drug users.

Previously, the estate had been branded the most racist place in the borough by Harrow Council for Racial Equality.

"The discovery of the needles came at the end of a period where one resident had been stabbed and there had been an outbreak of graffiti and other vandalism on the estate," said Harrow's head of housing, Mick Wright, in a report.

"As a result of these incidents a number of initiatives have been implemented. Close liaison is being maintained with the police to identify and deal with troublemakers."

Mr Wright said eight problem tenants had left the estate, either as a result of evictions or voluntarily, and restraining notices have been served on three families whose sons were responsible for a large amount of graffiti.

Pinner Hill Tenants' and Residents' Association recently held a public meeting in an attempt to encourage more residents of the estate to become involved in community activities. Several improvements are underway, including the demolition of garages worst-hit by vandalism and fly tipping, as well as new security measures.

Tenants are being consulted on plans for play facilities.

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