THERE is still hope for Pinner hostage Norman Kember despite no word from his kidnappers for 15 days, according to a British Muslim peace campaigner working for his release.

Professor Kember, 74, of Cuckoo Hill Road, was abducted on a peace mission in Iraq by a shadowy group known as The Swords of Righteousness Brigade on November 26.

His kidnappers, who have threatened to kill the pensioner unless all detainees are released from Iraqi prisons, had sent two video tapes to al-Jazeera television showing Professor Kember alive.

But since extending their deadline to the US and UK governments from December 8 to December 10 they have failed to make contact.

But Anas Altikriti, an envoy for the Muslim Association of Britain who had travelled to Iraq to work for the father-of-two's freedom, said he remained hopeful and thought Professor Kember's fate was likely to emerge in "days rather than weeks".

Father-of-two Professor Kember was with the Christian Peacemakers Team in a dangerous district of west Baghdad when he was captured. He was with Canadians James Loney and Harmeet Singh Sooden and American Tom Fox, all peace campaigners.

His wife Pat, 70, and members of Harrow Baptist Church in College Road, where Professor Kember attends, have continued to pray for his safe return.

Harrow councillors also observed a minute's silence at the cabinet meeting at the Civic Centre on Thursday last week.