POLICE are cracking down on gang activity on a notorious Wembley estate by introducing a dispersal zone.

From midnight on Thursday, April 1, police have extra powers in the area stretching from the back of Chalkhill Primary School across to Blackbird Hill and Bridge Road and up to The Crossways.

They can force groups of people loitering in the area to leave and not come back for 24 hours, and anyone refusing to comply can be arrested.

Brent Police have received 51 complaints from residents in the last three months, with reports of gangs intimidating and threating residents and business owners, drug use, criminal damage of the school and a health centre, and crime and anti-social behaviour.

The new powers will be in place for the next six months – until October – and the zone may be extended at the end of that period.

Sergeant Parag Gor, of the Barnhill Safer Neighbourhood Team, which covers the Chalkhill Estate, said: "We are responding to concerns of residents in the area and are working with the council to resolve these issues.

“We hope that this dispersal order gives us the means to improve the quality of life for the local community and local businesses.”

Sgt Gor also urged resident to call 0208 721 2966 to report crime and anti-social behaviour so officers could be deployed to the right areas.