MUSLIM residents will be able to bury relatives on Saturdays from April when Harrow Council will extend its service.

The authority will run services throughout the day following calls for weekend burials from members of the faith, who believe funerals should be held no more than 24 hours after death.

Councillor Susan Hall, responsible for environmental services, said: “The good news is that we anticipate being able to provide all-day burials on Saturday from April next year.

“The council is aware of the specific cultural issues around Muslim burials, so we're pleased to have come up with this arrangement despite a climate of tightening budgets.

“We are also looking carefully at the suggestion that the Muslim section of Carpenders Park could come under community management.

“The Council is open to considering a greater role for Muslim residents in this area, but clearly our review will need to look at issues like land conditions, financial viability, burial law and the needs of other cemetery users before coming to a decision.”