A HARROW councillor is standing 'shoulder to shoulder' with a mosque over threats of a 9/11 protest.

Far-right campaigners from the English Defence League (EDL) originally intended to turn out for a demonstration outside Harrow Central Mosque's new building, in Station Road, on August 29.

But that event was cancelled after Ghulam Rabbani, the general secretary of the religious institution, issued a statement saying there were no plans to hold Sharia court meetings in the building.

EDL is now advertising a new event on its website, scheduled for September 11 in memory of the 2001 terrorist attacks, and a statement on the British Defence Leagues website says those behind it do not believe the mosque's claim.

Councillor Susan Hall, responsible for environment and community safety at Harrow Council, said: “I do believe that there's not going to be a Sharia court because that's what they tell us.

“They promised that it's going to be for the community, and not just the Muslim community either. Harrow is a very diverse borough. We are very proud of the fact that we are a very diverse borough and will continue to be.

“We want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the mosque.”

Cllr Hall will meet the mosque committee today to discuss the issues and Harrow's most senior policeman, Chief Superintendent Dal Babu, the borough commander, will attend morning prayers.

She said: “None of our communities are appreciative of extremists of any sort – we are very happy to be living here in Harrow.

“The protest is on a Friday so there will be maximum impact on the people who are praying in their own mosque.

“The one good thing about this country is you can put on demonstrations. As long as they are peaceful I have no problem. As long as people don't think they going to harm the good relations we have in Harrow.”

The event is being advertised on social networking website Facebook along with a statement that reads: “This is a Friday, which can't be helped, but please let everyone know.”

The event is hosted by the Facebook group “British Citizens Against Muslim Extremists” and lists a contact email address for the far-right group Casuals United, which is made up of football fans.