A VIEWPOINT erected to allow disabled people and wheelchair users to enjoy the panoramic views from Harrow Hill has been smashed by vandals.

The viewpoint was built in the summer by Harrow Council, in partnership with Harrow Heritage Trust, because the existing viewpoint near St Mary's Church was not easily accessible.

Both are popular as they allow access to views as far Windsor and beyond.

The site is believed to have been vandalised sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning of last week, when it was discovered by residents.

Councillor Mark Versallion, Conservative councillor for Harrow-on-the-Hill, described the vandalism as "absolutely heartbreaking".

He said: "The new viewpoint was provided after much pressure by ward councillors and the public, who wanted to do something to make the area better. It is absolutely heartbreaking it has been destroyed.

"It makes you question the minds of the people who, by such a heartless act of vandalism, have spoilt something that was widely used and enjoyed by disabled people."

A spokeswoman for Harrow Council said: "We are every disappointed that a few people have caused such major damage to work that was there for everybody to enjoy and for everybody's access to the views from Harrow on the Hill.

"At the moment we are making it good and making safe the area but there won't be any major work due on it until after the spring. This is because in wet weather it is very difficult to get vehicle access to that point.