A MOBILE phone giant is considering finding a new site for an unwanted mast in Pinner after pressure from politician and residents.

A Harrow Council blunder meant Orange could build a phone mast at the junction of Grove Road and Rayners Lane, despite being denied planning permission.

However, the Harrow Times understands the company is open to the idea of finding another location for the mast following a public outcry at the consequences of the mistake.

Residents were up in arms last week after it was revealed a council officer had failed to send out the papers in time, meaning Orange had planning permission by default.

They had petitined against the propsoed mast, and believed they had won the battle when permission was refused by councillors.

Gareth Thomas, MP for Harrow West, spoke to Orange officials yesterday and said they were open to alternative suggestions.

He said: “I put pressure on Orange to see if they were willing to look for another location, and they said they are willing to do that.

“They recognise the concern of the community and so if the council comes up with another site, they are very happy to look at it.”

A former telephone exchange close to the disputed site used to house phone masts, but it has long since been sold and turned into housing.

It is not known whether the council has earmarked another site for the phone mast, or whether it will be erected on the patch of grass, known as a local beauty spot.