Saturday: There’s nothing more annoying than getting this call: “Hi, I’m just calling to see if you received my press release.” If you sent it to me, then I have received it. If you made a mistake sending it to me then it will have bounced back. But option, three, the most likely for people who call, is your press release was about travel insurance in the Channel Islands, and I ignored it because it was irrelevant to Harrow. Sunny.

Sunday: While I’m talking about annoying things, I can’t stand people who refuse to blow their nose, even when they are suffering from a bad cold. They make a horrible noise with every intake of breath through their nose and it does nothing to solve the problem. Honestly, it makes me want to leave the room immediately – even if that means throwing myself through the nearest window. Dry.

Next week: I went for chicken last week and ordered a burger, fries and a drink. But by accident the assistant gave me two burgers and two fries, which was just 30p extra. Being really hungry, I decided that would do, but just as I reached the door, she realised what had happened and demanded the extra food back. Even when I offered her over the odds in cash to secure the extra burger she was having none of it, which was disappointing. Bright spells.