Saturday: Not sure if I’ve mentioned this but I’m trying to build a table and set of garden chairs at the moment. In fact, I was doing really well until a couple of days ago. I was trying prise apart two pieces of wood I had scavenged from the street when a part of my hammer broke off. I was stunned that I had managed to snap a hammer and couldn’t believe it had happened to me – a metal hammer snapped by a piece of wood. Windy.

Sunday: When you go to a lot of council meetings like I tend to do (for weather stories, etc) you can easily get a tiny bit bored and have to look for the humourous aspects to keep you going. Which is why when one councillor – unnamed to save his blushes – referred to himself as a masochist accidentally; it really perked up my day. He was aiming for misogynist, but got it ever so slightly wrong. Cold.

Next week: I really do wish the weather would pick up. I know it’s January and it is supposed to be cold and miserable, but would it be possible to have just one day of bright sunshine for everybody to enjoy? Instead, just drizzle, cold and an awful lot of burst water pipes. It’s not good for the spirits, especially the burst water pipes. There is nothing more depressing than walking along having to negotiate a flooded pavement. Rain.