Saturday: You know sometimes roads should be better signposted. Now I’m not a fan of signs going up everywhere, but there are certain situations that could be avoided with a few more signs. For instance, I have just accidentally reversed into the Headmaster’s Lodge at Harrow School. Not literally, that would be a full blown disaster, but there were many people watching and now I feel rather silly. Frost.

Sunday: I’m starting a new project this week, to build from scratch a table and set of chairs for the balcony at my flat. It’s a big one and, having literally no expertise at woodwork, it could be a little tricky. At school, I almost glued a piece of wood to my hand, at university I built the worst table ever and I only have half the correct tools for this job. If I have sawn my finger off by next week, I’ll let you know. Cold.

Next week: My housemate tried to give up eating sweet things this new year. He is a bit of a fan of Waitrose muffins, cookies and cakes. Unfortunately he crumbled after just six days, a pretty poor return if you ask me. The moment came during a particularly boring meeting at work and after two hours listening to his boss ramble on, a flapjack and cookie was the only thing that could make things better. Rain.